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Anna has eight weeks before she is to marry Tim in what her mother has turned into the wedding of the century. While he is away on a business trip, Anna realises he has forgotten his wallet. Taking him the wallet, she discovers him on holiday with one of her girlfriends. Anna hurries home and packs her bags much to her mother's horror. When Anna realises that her mother expects her to go ahead with the marriage in order to maintain the family's reputation, she flees to Italy. Anna meets a wonderful woman on the plane who encourages her to get a bus and tour the Amalfi coast. Anna cannot imagine doing this on her own as she has always done what she was told to do by her mother and ex. She soon finds herself making major decisions that she never would have been able to do before. She finds herself in a small coastal town when she stumbles across a tragedy in progress. Anna takes control of the situation and soon finds herself a celebrity in this small town, making new friends. As Anna slowly rebuilds her life and gains her confidence, she finds herself falling for a man that she could never imagine herself with. This is a wonderful story about finding your true self no matter how much it may hurt.


The Romance Reviewers - 4* for Candles on the Sand

CANDLES ON THE SAND is a cheery and delightful read.

I enjoyed Anna's story. Anna is a character who has never truly been allowed to be herself. Her mother and fiancée are both characters who think only of their needs and how situations will make them appear. I enjoyed watching Anna discover who she is and what she wanted. Though predictable, the storyline was very much the enchanting fairy tale. It is not a believable story, but is great for escape. All the elements worked together perfectly allowing everything to fall together within the story. I felt this novel would make a good movie. It reminded me of "Under the Tuscan Sun" except a younger version and obviously different storylines.

I would recommend this novel if you're looking for a light, romantic read. It is a wonderful chick-lit and I enjoyed reading it despite the minor issues I had with it. Anna was a fun character.

The novel has a slightly unsmooth pace. There were many moments where I felt it could be the end but it wasn't. I found myself lost in the pages and at page 120 I realized I wasn't on page 220 like I thought I was. It was here that I realized the book seemed to be ending or winding down when it still had so much more to tell! I'm glad the author tied up all the loose ends that left me satisfied with all aspects of the story, convenient as they may be.

The novel is also written in British English, which took a little getting used to but didn't bother me. I was unsure what may or may not have been an error in grammar and spelling due to language differences. For example, on page 26, the American English word "dialed" is spelled "dialled." In addition, the fonts frequently changed throughout the eBook. While this is a minor issue for me, it may bother others to read a format that is noticeably un-uniform.


This is now available as a book, I've just read it (very quickly because I couldn't put it down either!) The characters were very likeable and the descriptive writing was excellent, I could just imagine what they would look like, along with very clear images of the location. This has made me long to go to Italy even more than I did before reading it! I can't believe that this is Katie's first book and I sincerely hope there will be many more to come because I just didn't want it to end.




I really enjoyed this book, I felt myself going on the journey with Anna and didn't want it to end - you really got to know the characters and it wasn't predictable - there were some good little twists. I tried to see if i could find this to buy as a proper book for a couple of friends who i know would enjoy it but it only seems to be available on kindle which is a shame - i'm definitely not lending the kindle out! Hopefully it will be available as a book soon. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did.  


A lovely feel-good story with some unexpected turns along the way. Emotionally engaging with beautiful imagery of the relaxed mediterranean setting. Anna, the lead character is instantly likeable, with her perfect but not too perfect persona. This book leaves you feeling a glow of genuine happiness for Anna, plus it's easy to fit in around a busy life thanks to the iphone kindle app. Worth a read, even if chicklit isn't your usual bag. I look forward to more from Katie Stephens.


This book was recommended by a friend and I read it really quickly (always a sign of a good book, I think). It made a refreshing change from all the blood and gore of the normal murder mysteries that I read. An ideal relaxing read for holiday or before bedtime. I had no idea where the story was going to take me and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.


What a great read; I couldn't put this book down, much to the annoyance of my children. It fires up your emotions to the point that I really didn't want the story to end. The author uses such imagnative descriptions that I could really feel the sun on my face or back at times. You know you've read a good book when you wonder what Anna is up to days after you've finished reading the whole thing. If you want to escape to the sun but don't have the time or the money then this is for you!