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You never know where or when lightning will strike but when it happens on a trip back to Kenya to bury your parents you know the timing isn't great.

Mel has spent the past 14 years resenting her parents for abandoning her at a boarding school in England while they went back to Kenya, a country she hates, to run an orphanage and school for their charity. A tragic accident forces her to return to Kenya for her parents' funeral but meeting the gorgeous, English educated Sam was not part of the plan. Finding her mother's diaries reveals a lot of unanswered questions and the discovery of a detailed itinerary of a trip round Kenya that her parents dreamed of making with her makes Mel realise that maybe she had things wrong. Will taking the trip make her fall in love with the man, the country, neither or both?

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Walking out on her cheating fiance and domineering mother eight weeks before her wedding Anna finds herself heading to Gatwick Airport and the Amalfi Coast.

When she realises the relationship with her mother is beyond repair she decides to try a new life in Italy. On the first day of her journey she takes a wrong turn off the main road and finds a picturesque town down a winding country road. A dramatic rescue finds Anna embraced by the community of the small fishing town of San Lavello.

In San Lavello she finds a place to live, a job and some very special friends.What's more, she starts to find her real self. Through Leonora, a former actress who is in hiding and Elisa, the daughter of the local widowed restauranteur Salvatore, Anna begins to live her life the way she wants to live it. The friendship she develops with her wine dealer boss, Dante, becomes stronger and apprehensively she finds herself falling in love with him.

With the town of San Lavello under threat of development Anna finds herself helping to save the town she has come to love but can she start afresh while there are still unresolved issues at home? 

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